Staff FAQs

How do I get to camp?

If you are driving to camp, please follow the directions on our website (Here). Please do NOT rely on GPS as it will get you to camp, but not in the best way! If you are flying please make sure that you make your own reservations. You will need to fly to LAX and then take a road runner shuttle to camp. You will need to make your own shuttle reservation as well Tell them the address of camp and that you want to be dropped off at the Steve Breuer Conference Center. Please make sure you take the regular shuttle not a car service. And remember make sure to keep all receipts as camp will reimburse you up to $350.00 if you travel from more than 300 miles away.

If you are traveling internationally, please be in touch with the agency you are working with for your flight information. Seth Toybes ( will be in touch with you directly to give you information as to how you are getting from LAX to camp.

If I have contract questions who should I contact?

When you receive your contract, please read it carefully. If you have any questions or there are any errors, please be in touch with the Director who hired you.

If I have questions about the summer, prior to the summer who should I contact?

Please be in touch with the Director who hired you. He/She may not be able to answer your questions as all of the Directors have different portfolios, but he/she will be able to direct you to the appropriate person

I have a friend who would also be interested in working at camp, what should they do?

Camp is always looking for great new staff. If you know someone who you think would work well in our community, just have them fill out an application! New Staff Application

Is staff week mandatory?

Staff week is an integral part of camp. It allows everyone to learn, meet each other, and become a team. Staff week is mandatory (please see below for a few exceptions and speak with a director if you have any other questions)

What if I only want to work one session, or only can work one session?

Camp staff truly become a team that works cohesively together therefore we do not hire for one session. Counselors are hired to work for the entire summer.

What if I have my high school graduation during staff week?

We recognize that there are certain things in life that happen only once.  We fully support your being at your graduation as well as your grad night festivities.  Yet, we do require that you are at orientation at all other times.  If you are a high school senior prior to being hired you will need to provide us with the dates of grad night and graduation.  The same goes for college orientations.  

What if I have a wedding, family members graduation, bar or bat mitzvah, or funeral during the time I am at camp?

Family is very important to us. You may leave camp for immediate family’s celebrations. Please remember that being a camp counselor is a job and a very serious responsibility. This is why we limit the time away and the “excused” reasons to your immediate family. You will not be allowed time away from camp for friends celebrations, nor extended family celebrations. For most celebrations that are one day, it will be counted as your day off. If you need more than one day off for a celebration arrangements and approval must be made prior to the summer with the Director who conducted your interview.

What should I bring?

Please see our website for a staff recommended packing list here (Check back soon for staff packing list!)

How many days off do I get a week?

Camp’s season is divided into two sessions of 3.5 weeks each. Although campers choose different lengths of time within these 2.5 weeks, our staff time off is based on 3 days off per session. You will get a day of for each of the “full” weeks. Days off begin AROUND 5:00PM and run for 24 hours. Days off are requested at the beginning of ea ch session, but ultimately they will be assigned to you. Staff can not take off from Friday afternoon though Sunday afternoon.

How many hours off do I get each day?

You receive one hour off a day.

Can I leave camp during my hour off?

You are welcome to leave camp during your hour off. You must sign out as you leave, and upon your return, sign back in. We ask that counselors be back on camp property and signed in ten minutes before the end of their hour off to ensure their timeliness to the next activity. We recognize that for Hilltop counselors, leaving camp can be quite tricky during this short amount of time. Please keep in mind that it takes an additional 10 minutes to get up and down the hill.

Can I leave camp at night?

Our camp is a closed campus, therefore, staff are not allowed to leave camp at night. We provide after-hours snacks and time to spend with other staff members, and there are often activities offered during “after-hours” by fellow staff members. In rare circumstances for which one might need to leave camp, it must be cleared with one of the camp directors.

Do I sleep in the cabins in the same area as the campers?

If you are a cabin counselor, you will be sleeping in a cabin with campers.  The cabins are one large space for the entire cabin community.  Counselors and campers each get one bed and one cubby.  Please do make your space your own while still being among your campers!

Can I go home on my day off?

Each day off is roughly a 24-hour period. You choose how to spend that time. If going home is a part of how you want to spend your day off and you live close enough to make the trip, then yes! By all means, go home, do your laundry, get some rest and have a home-cooked meal or two. Keep in mind the potential for traffic both to and from camp and plan accordingly. If you do not get back to camp on time, often that will keep someone else from being able to leave on his or her day off on time.

When do I get paid for working at camp?

Camp staff is paid at the end of each session (twice during the summer). Getting paid for your work is important, so please do make sure you have handed in all of your paperwork by staff training week. If you do not, or your papers are filled out incorrectly, we cannot guarantee you will get paid on time. If you have special circumstances where you need to be paid more frequently than the end of each session, please speak with a director.

Can I park my car at camp (during the summer)?

You can park your car at camp during the summer.  During staff week, you will be asked to register your car with us, and you will receive a parking sticker to put in your vehicle.  This sticker should remain in place until the end of the summer.  If, for whatever reason, you bring a different car back to camp at any point during the summer, you will need to register that car as well.  Please park carefully and keep the community in mind as you park your car…we have very limited parking available!