Typical Daily Schedule

Schedule - times vary by age

Wake Up
Hanafat HaDegel (flag raising)
Aruchat Boker (breakfast)
Cabin Activity/Unit
Chug Aleph (elective “A”)
Aruchat Tzohorayim (lunch)
(cabin clean up)
Menucha (rest time)
Chug Bet (elective “B”)
Chofesh (free choice)
Shower Hour
T’Filah (services)
Aruchat Erev (dinner)
Evening Program
Siyum (closing ceremony)
Cabin Activity


Cabin Activity - A daily assigned activity that cabins will do together, encompases almost all the activities.

Limud - Our informal Jewish Education Program.

Chug Aleph - Camper elective: campers will request an activity and get instruction in that activity (space dependent) for multiple days. Dependent on the session, campers will choose between 1 and 3 chugim (electives).

Chug Bet - Second elective of the day; it is the same process as chug aleph but a different activity choice.

Chofesh (free choice) - Almost all activities are open and campers can choose what they want to do day by day, minute by minute. If a camper wants to play basketball for 20 minutes and then jump in the pool for the remainder of chofesh, that is great!

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Special Events

Several times during the session there are special events incorporated into our camp schedule. The intention behind all of our activities is to encourage community, personal and skills development. Our experienced and well-trained staff ensures the success of our diverse activities.

Maccabiah and Pioneer Days

For most campers, these days are the best part of camp! Maccabiah at Camp Hess Kramer and Pioneer Day at Gindling Hilltop Camp provide an opportunity for a camp-wide athletic, artistic and general spirit competition. The camps divide into four teams for a day of incredible energy and fun, including a full camp relay, song competitions, athletic competitions and tug of war.

Beach Day

Can you believe that one day per week at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps the entire camp takes a trip to the beach? About ten minutes south of camp, campers spend the day playing in the water, building sandcastles, taking beach walks, playing sports and enjoying a picnic lunch on the beach. Campers are supervised by our dedicated staff and overseen in the water by our team of lifeguards.


Of course we have Jewish rock concerts! Once a session, we bring in a visiting musician. The visiting musician does many different types of programming with all of our campers, which culminates in a concert for both camps. The night truly epitomizes the energy and culture of our camps. Past guests have included Danny Nichols, Eighteen, Noam Katz and Tof B'yad.